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What is your airline doing?

Just wondering how different airlines are playing this. Probably far from peoples minds at the moment, but when the tide does eventually turn in a few years, I wonder if people will look back and apply to those airlines that looked after their staff the most. Thinking Jet 2 at the moment!

Also, what a great marketing opportunity when its over. I think the population will be a lot more community minded, and start boycotting the likes of Sports Direct etc. (Until the memory fades in about 6 months.) So for example, Jet 2 might advertise as being the "Community Airline", who paid their staff 100% though-out. (Using Jet2 as an example, as I believe they are haven't received any payouts etc. Sorry if this is incorrect.)

So to start, 2 that I know:

Qatar - So far no pay deductions.

BA - Effectively 50% part time for April and May to start. No news yet on the other areas of the business. Leader was very late to the game to take a pay cut.

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