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Originally Posted by KT1988 View Post
I have no idea where you can get your money from. But you can do your training in Poland for example. For 42,000 you will get everything ( PPL(A) + nVFR + 100 hours PIC + MEP(L) + ME/IR + CPL + JOC/MCC) PLUS an FI rating and a guaranteed job as FI (ofc. if you are good enough to pass all the ratings including FI rating) so while you wait for the airlines you build your hours and get paid for it. Its not absolutely necessary to use more than 60,000 on training, for example at the flight school I am doing my 0-ATPL+FI all the instructors who instructed me in 2018 and wanted to get into the airlines got a job already in 2018 no one waited more than a year. So it looks like currently there is no reason to pay a ton of money for the flight school.
whats the school called ? Thanks

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