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CAA FCL - How on earth do you deal with them ?

I recently sent off paperwork to FCL for a new instructor rating. I made one mistake on a form and received an e-mail telling me my application was incomplete and held 'pending'. OK, my mistake, so I duly sent correctly filled in form by e-mail attachment as requested. Now, I have no way of teliing whether that has been received by the duty assessor or not as you cannot get direct e-mail nor talk to him/her directly. If you ring the customer service number your call is triaged and they have no access to your details, apparently.

Furthermore I am told that certified copies of log book entries are not acceptable despite clear advice on their own website to the contrary and the fact that they are encouraging e-licensing which presumably involves electronic submission of such paperwork. I am told that they want to see an original log-book but no indication which one they want to see after forty years plus flying. Apparently I could make a counter appointment at LGW which will cost me a hundred pounds plus not to mention a round trip of two hundred miles plus.

In all my years of airline flying I never had a problem but now that I am back in GA, everything seems to be more than a little difficult.

In summary therefore I have no idea whether my application is still ongoing or is still stalled which is more than a little frustrating as the end date of my temporary certificate gets ever closer.

Any inspired thoughts appreciated !!!
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