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Originally Posted by Abruzzi View Post
Hi guys,

Klimax, thanks for the info on roster, salary (for cpt as I see), but do you have any info what is the salary for first officer on GLEX? I would also appreciate aircraft bases and all that stuff. In such cases you wrote above, who the hell are they hiring? I`am hearing all the time that bizaviation is extremely suffering with lack of pilots, where is that happening?

You´re most welcome. I don´t know about FO pay on any type. Bases I believe (but not a fact) is any major international European airport. Who are they hiring and biz aviation lacking pilots... Well, I think it´s fair to say, that there’s probably not a lack of pilots - but only a lack of properly qualified pilots. Companies like IJM are often advertising for type rated cockpit crew at salaries that are rock bottom - and at a level, that even barely legal type rated crew would consider rediculus. What happens next then?? Management company goes lying to the owners about the market being short of qualified crew and convince the owner that he must sponsor the type rating to get crew, they then go on to hire some lost soul with a shiny jet syndrome dreaming of his next step up onto a fancy Gulfstream, Falcon or whatever shiny and "large" (never mind the qualifications of that crew!), they then pay him the substandard salary as advertised and the management company cashes in on the difference between what the owner is being charged for crew salary and what they actually pay the crew. The owner believe he´s getting the best of the best (blindly trusting the management company) and that the crew must be on pink cloud with the salary they are receiving (or so he assumes)... As I said, if only the owners knew the full story - many of them are being deceived and held at foul by the management companies!

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