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Originally Posted by RedBelt View Post
I applied for Global Jet Luxembourg (mid 2019), paid to go to the interview (everything), about 2 weeks later they told me I succeeded and my CV would be presented to an owner....that was the last time I heard from them.
During the interview they made me wait for more than one hour, may be to check if I was able to cope with waiting and would get uncomfortable, the interview went well, basically the interviewer asked me naive questions, all the technical stuff was also very basic.
The staff assisting on my application were all professional and friendly.
Just the fact that they were not able to write a couple of words on an email telling me they could not continue with my application tells me a lot about this and similar management companies all over the world operating without any ethics.
This is mostly identical to my experience with them. Not super impressed with the company, right from the beginning, which of course influences the interest put forward during the interview with David. Perhaps they are shooting for suckers that will do anything to please and doesnīt dare to say no. I thought David was alright, perhaps ever so slightly naive about his organisation, but I suppose itīs easy to get blind on "success". My guts feeling is that GJ is probably one of the better outfits around - but then again, the majority of players in the European market are deceivers to a large degree.

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