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Originally Posted by Lookleft View Post
Have you watched it all the way to the end? Their 70km cross country flight with 1 person on board in a $180,000 aeroplane required two hours of charging with a gennie loaded on the back of a diesel spewing ute! How is a plane load of millennials going to get to the coast now? One millenial in the aeroplane and 3 in the ute. What would Greta think? You are that blinded by by your climate change hysteria you can't even recognise when what you are promoting is garbage.
Kitty Hawk North Carolina, 1903.

ORVILLE: Sure was a great day Wilbur

WILBUR: Sure was Orville, with what we've accomplished here today who knows what the possibilities are in powered flight, with more research and development maybe one day we'll fly across oceans in near perfect safety...

BYSTANDER EXPOSING THE TRUTH: You two are absolute clowns, you've only flown 800 feet in your fabric and wire contraption, how are passengers ever going to get to cross oceans? You only climbed to 200 feet in height, how ludicrous must you be to think you flying machines will one day reach many miles into the sky. You still had to transport it here on a train didn't you? What sane person will choose to travel at 30 miles per hour on your flying thing when they can already travel across country on 100 mph trains? Even if you get these airborne contraptions to work who will pay a year's salary to fly across an oceans in them when they can travel in perfect safety for cheap on an ocean liner? You are that blinded by your "aeroplane" hysteria you can't even recognise when what you are promoting is garbage.

(And before any smart alecs chime in, yes I'm fully aware it took 50/60 years for transoceanic jet aircraft travel to be perfected. The use of electric aircraft for small scale aviation could take many years, or not many at all, primarily depending on how much R&D is done and how much investment is pumped in. Already in the last few years battery storage capacity has greatly expanded, as are gains made in solar efficiency. Of course full scale electric aircraft will not appear tomorrow, but there's plenty of exciting development being conducted in this field. In a few decades I'd say it'd be more common to see an Electro Aero in the sky, than Cessna 150/170 series derivatives.

I will ask the question again that you like to avoid, what is it you do for a living?
What I do for a living is exactly the same as you. Not a climate scientist. Difference being I don't think I know more than them on the topic of climate science.

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