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Originally Posted by Sunfish View Post
policy starts out with the floating of an “unthinkable” idea that is gradually worked through stages by its supporters to become policy.

Australian examples: gun control, gay marriage, universal superannuation, relaxed liquor licensing laws, divorce, indefinite detention, etc., etc. Climate change emergency will no doubt spawn more.
I remember a noisy minority were very upset about gun control, but it was passed and the majority of the public accepted it. Because the vast majority of people don’t use or have a direct need for a gun.

Very few people engage in private flying, and as I’ve pointed out factors like debt and lack of outcome on investment give young people good reason to not take up private aviation, so those numbers won’t be increasing. There won’t be any real support amongst politicians and the wider public to keep it going.

However there are alternatives. If you think a petrol powered light aircraft’s days are numbered, then why not look at investing in this to develop this technology as a potential future solution for recreational aviation:

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