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Originally Posted by Shutterbug View Post
You're an aviation professional, you understand how large data sets work, and yet, here you are spouting nonsense. It's pretty obvious from some of these comments that few of you have actually experienced a protest, let alone participated or supported one. Then please don't tell your friends you're commenting on things "from Hong Kong," you're about as expert on the protest movement as the passenger in the back remarking on your sh1tty landing based on his frequent flier miles. Seriously. It's immediately obvious you're hurling observations based on what you've read or seen from media. And would you trust to form an educated opinion on what transpires in your cockpit from reading SCMP? Give me an effing break.................

This entire city is united against this govt. If you spend 2 seconds outside your little expat bubble you'd realize that. OF COURSE it's not "unanimous." It's as close to unanimous as humanly conceivable give the fractious nature of the HK demographic. As such, the protest movement is diverse, there is no "leadership" and obviously sh1t will happen. And yet here you sit castigating their efforts without even lifting a finger. I find it disgusting. Particularly given the fact that HKers have essentially decided en masse to not only risk their futures for something they believe in but to risk their lives. And then have to peruse these aloof comments from the likes of the pilot body that can't be bothered to go on strike to save its own a$$. "Oh sure the police have been heavy-handed. " IS that supposed to be a joke???????????? It's disgusting. 1C2S is DOA and no one should know this better than the crew at CX... but here you sit bitching about the choices by the only group on planet earth standing up to the commie juggernaut. On second thought............ how very, very, very, very CX pilot..................... all talk........ no balls.Unlike these HK kids. Frankly... I'm proud to know so many of them. Wish I could say the same of the pilot body...
Catch your breath, have a little wine.
It is the reaction you have to me having a different opinion than you, is what is making me uncomfortable.

You and your emotions are getting swept up in the fray and the Ďus against themí feeling you get when you go on a protest march. Add a few masks and overwhelming numbers and you get the feeling you are unstoppable, kind of like in a military conflict with your class buddies.
Itís an intoxicating brew that can push things too far, and they have.
Hong Kong is my home too and i donít agree with the íwe burn you burní idea, as I have a sneaky suspicion that China is not all that hurt, economically, by all of this. We are mostly cutting ourselves.
I could go back and forth with you, but you are making a lot of assumptions about me and with so much emotion, so I think itís best we leave it at that.

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