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Originally Posted by B-757 View Post
..17G27..Excellent day for some landing practise (for an advanced student)..Everybody should experience these conditions at some point of their training, so they can judge the weather and their abilities better later on..After all, if you haven´t seen it before, you do not know what to expect..Instructor who is takes a student up only in good conditions, is doing a disservice to the student and himself..Eventually a day like this will come, be prepared..

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A stroll in the park for a B757, if that is your present/past ac. A somewhat blunt answer as to how to introduce someone.
Depends what you mean by “advanced student”. PPL? CPL? It is surprising what a limiting factor the xwc can be on light ac...
To gently nibble at it is probably the answer to gain experience.
Where you learn in the world is also a significant factor.
What is true is that “fair weather” bases don’t always prepare you for the real world if undergoing professional training. That also applies to instructors joining as FOs in northern latitudes.

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