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. Absolute bollocks. The pilot has to abide by the Ops manual he is working to. If it states that it is a multi crew operation then the P1 must have an ATPL and the crew must be correctly qualified as per the authorisation granted by the authority. If these conditions arenít met and itís a single pilot operation with a TC, it matters not whether itís a CPL holder or a paramedic sat in the LHS. It cannot be logged.
anecdotal evidence shows me that there are so many ďdodgyĒ logbooks now because people who are not entitled to log P2 log it anyway as they donít want to suffer the down side of being the TCM.

we have created a system of madness where people are employed as pilots but cannot log it, where they log it anyway and many are confused about the rules, and nothing is enforced.

and when they move into other sectors such as offshore, there is little confidence or no confidence about the hours they claim, so they have to go for a pre employment offer sim check because the system is broken.

and another thing, this whole mess of type ratings where people come from a type rating course MP only rated, EASA have completely confused the the type rating and the role in which itís flown, so everyone should have the SP then add the MP should the role in which itís flown require it, but instead we have the madness where AW139 Pilots of many years experience canít fly it SP in any role even for a air test without doing an ďSP courseĒ which is a mechanism to take up to another Ä20k from them for no good reason.

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