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Originally Posted by Hompy View Post
Yet again people died in an EC225 ... ...
Not entirely happy with your intro there but maybe it's just the times we live in.

We all have an ambition for everyone to be safe in the air and it's right to want the H225 to never have another accident. However, I think that in this age of easy mass communications and easy access to news we can lose sight of the historical context. Sometimes it seems like what happened before the internet never happened. In terms of helicopter fatalities, large rotorcraft that have been in widespread service for 15 years and done hundreds of thousands of flying hours but only had a couple of dozen fatalities are an outstanding new feature of the helicopter market. So that would be the Airbus H225 and the Sikorsky S-92. Let's not forget the thousands of people who died in accidents in other large rotorcraft down the years (some models of which are still around and still having fatal accidents at an unacceptable rate). Think too about the many people who are alive today who might have been dead if Airbus had not produced the H225 and Sikorsky had not produced the S-92.

Onwards and upwards.
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