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Originally Posted by Hompy View Post
Yet again people died in an EC225 and still we have armchair experts jumping to conclusions and most likely being proved wrong, again. I have heard the Ďitís ok to speculateí argument time and time again. When people are dead and their bodies are missing it just is not ok to speculate that it was likely to be two of the deadís fault until there is at least some evidence to back that up. Two of you armchair warriors already have form if anybody cares to look at the Norwegian 225 thread. Maybe I should speculate and imply that you are receiving payment from Airbus to influence opinion on this public forum? I donít believe that, but what has been implied here is worse. You denigrate the professions involved here with your pathetic amateur sleuth work!
Wooo buddy, I'm not jumping to any conclusions at all, just stating the obvious that the tail boom and TR was basically damage free according to the picture. I, as you and everyone else have no idea on how or why it departed the a/c, but it sure looks like it did.
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