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So someone in the negotiating team thought.... ‘I know, we’ll outsmart em, lets do PIA...... check mate Jetstar.’ I can just imagine the backslapping and grandstanding after 50 beers at the BP.
That’s a bit flippant don’t you think? I am sure that considerable resources have been used to get to this stage and the pilots and their union have considered all options before getting to this point. Unfortunately this seems to be the only thing that Qantas I.R. understand. It controls the adversarial model.

JQ will drag you through the media and internal Comms. Be prepared to experience the ire of the general public and your other work colleagues alike.
I think you would be surprised if you came out of your cave what the other operational staff think. There is no love for the basket weaving street dwellers out there I can assure you. I gave up caring about what other people think about me a long time ago.

Moreover - are you ready for the bigger fight with the mother ship and its leader?
See you have put a word in there that doesn’t belong. Delete “leader” and insert “narcissistic overpaid self promoting manager” and there you have it.
He is not a leader. Not by a long stretch.
It looks like they are ready for that fight too BTW.

Right now throughout the Qantas Group (and Virgin) non operational staff on significantly less $$ than pilots are being handed letters and told to eff off by the 15th December. Meanwhile, those who are left need to figure out how to get the same work done with less people.
Why has the business allowed itself to get over staffed that it gets to this point?
I certainly do not see any fat in the operational areas, in fact, quite the opposite. Operational areas have been cut over many years and are critically understaffed in a lot of areas.
Sounds like you are referring to the basket weavers again. Well, you have to share the pain if cuts are needed.
Ask the Airport staff how much pain they have suffered. Ask the Engineers and Ramp as well while you are at it.

Most of these people can only dream of $200k, let alone $300k.
Possibly your dumbest statement.
Most of these people do not hold the qualification to earn that sort of money.
I tell you what, there are a lot of people who dream every week of winning 24 million dollars.

As for wanting more than 3%, are you aware that the rest of the country is getting 2%?????
My insurances went up 7%. Should I write and tell them that as my pay only went up 2% that is all they can do? Or freeze their premiums when I took a pay freeze MULTIPLE times.
You get what you bargain for and I wish the JQ pilots all the very best in their endeavours. They deserve it. Unlike the obscene amounts of money being stolen from the business by managers.

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