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Originally Posted by Outwest View Post
Video posted in post #34 says there was video of the crash? At 1:23 is that the heli-pad on top of that island? By the comments about the tail being 90 m away from the fuselage and 2 bodies found near the tail would that suggest that the tail was chopped off in flight? Violent control inputs?
Which suggests it wasn't quite as "inky black" as some have suggested. Yes, there is a heli-pad on top of the main islet (easily seen on Google Maps) but what is also noticeable are the cable-car wires stretching from the small harbour up to just under the heli-pad (at 1:22 in video). If the ceiling was low, could the SAR aircraft have landed at the harbour instead of the heli-pad, and struck the wires possibly with the tail rotor after take-off? "Skewed, unsteady flight"? If the TRGB then broke off, the sequence of events leading to the condition of the wreckage is not hard to visualise.

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