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Originally Posted by Rated De View Post
With well placed stories in the daily rags lamenting the "lack of agreement" on the "amazing Project Sunrise" pilots ought realise that this is now open season.

Obstructionist, kamikaze and now misogynist.
It does make a good conspiracy theory, and it does look like there is more to Sunrise than the official company line, but rest assured if management want to can it commissioning a year long independent study into work practices for the sole purpose to put the blame onto a group of your employees it isn't necessary. There are solid reasons to deal with potential harassment and bullying issues amongst all employee groups.

Didn't Qantas have a whole course of female pilots for International Women's day?
No. The course that started in the month of IWD this year (March) was 50% female. The course that started previously was 100% male, the course that started after was 95% male. Overall I'm told unofficially the % of new hire females is roughly similar to the percentage of female applicants.

The mind boggles as to the crewing arrangement should these pilots decide that they would also like children.
Also been unofficially told that over the course of a pilots career male pilots are more likely to take extended periods off work due injury and illness than female pilots due pregnancy. The thought being men, especially older men, have higher rates of chronic illness and and younger men are more likely to undertake extreme and adventure sports that make them more prone to long term injury.
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