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I can't speak for Ryanair et al.
When I'm on a tour (usually 6 days/5 nights), the company pays for the hotel and breakfast. Hotel standards vary but generally they are good. Holiday Inns, Novotels, Marriotts etc, occasionally worse (due to availability) or better... We get €70/day whilst on tour. This covers the evening meal and other sundries like wifi if it's not for free. There is a small taxable element on that.
When I am at my Gateway airport (Luton) I have the option of going home or staying in the hotel. As my husband is usually on an opposite pattern (earlies v lates) I stay at the hotel with my colleagues. It's easier.
Company pays for airlines to and from the Gateway, airlines to the sim centre in the US, airline to ground recurrent training etc.
My medical is paid for by the company - or reimbursed.
I have a company supplied iPhone and iPad. Company pays the charges on them.
Uniforms are paid for by the company.
We were issued with Telex 850 head sets, most of us have bought our own decent ANR headsets.
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