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Originally Posted by Ksb View Post
Hello all, last night landing at dxb, we were told to maintain 180 knots by aproach, then he changed us to tower, then tower told us to maintain 160, but we already decreased speed to aproach speed, so we increased the speed, but already at about 1400 feet, so didn’t increase to 160, we increased to about 150 and then back to aproach speed.
after we landed we where told that they will file a case, what does this mean?
it means you will may have a tea and bikkies with the civil aviation, as one of our pilots did when he had a runway incursion...twice during the same taxi-out...if that speed thingy of yours is deemed serious enough to get demoted in the eyes of your employer, then it means you work for a collection of wankers, and your chief pilot has spinal integrity akin to that of cooked spaghetti

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