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Originally Posted by Abbey Road View Post
Don't forget who put Cruz in the BA CEO chair - it was IAG. And the man at the top of the IAG pyramid is Walsh. Even if Cruz disappeared tomorrow, another in the same mould would be brought in, given the same agenda by Walsh, and the cycle would repeat. BA pilots might get a breather for several months, maybe even a year or two, but they could easily be back where they are right now, before very long.

That is the way big business works now - chew up the workers, spit them out, pocket fat 'bonuses', and move on to the next project of raping another business. These people are evil.
Absolutely. . . . people are missing the point calling for Cruz's head. . . . won't make any difference. Cruz may well be made the fall guy, but he's carrying out orders, so could well be kept in place. . .
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