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Originally Posted by Blackfriar View Post
I agee with your points about the peformance but not about "Colon" Marshall as he was known. Lord King did the hard work of turning the airline round and reducing the workforce with compassion. Colon's style meant people turned up to work at Speedbird House and found their personal effects in a box outside their office meaning they had been fired. He also instituted the seagull management regime where senior managers did a job for 2 years, crapped on the staff and were then moved on to gain experience elsewhere. The whole airline would have worked better if the 4th floor had been demolished or sealed off with the SMs and Directors left to play with themselves while everybody else got on with running the airline. Colon was one of the least respected CEOs by the staff.
Perhaps, then, I have lived in a cosseted world, first I have heard of that, but then I had left the airline before CM.

I had thought those tactics were in the tenure of Ayling.

I live and learn.
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