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Originally Posted by Emma Royds View Post
Just wondering how BA is managing crews down route when there may be an unusual case of one pilot who wishes to operate back to LHR and one who wishes to take part in industrial action?

It would seem as BA they have cancelled the entire short-haul operation. If there are no flights to operate then there will be no need for crew to report at LHR or LGW. Therefore is the company assuming everyone on short-haul is taking part in industrial action or can one express their intent irrespective of what shows on one's roster?

After reading about the excessively punitive measures that the company has unleashed on those taking part in industrial action, it would appear management have donned their boxing gloves for a fight. Good luck to you all at BA in the months ahead!
They still want you to report as per your roster so that they know who is striking and who isnt. Downroute , there is no way of demonstrating your part in the IA. If you are stuck downroute ( one such case was someone needing to get back for childcare) you are told to find your own way home !!
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