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Originally Posted by 101917 View Post
Is it a coincidence that senior long haul pilots down route are not on strike, getting paid, along with their allowances while the junior ones back in the UK are on strike and taking a hit on pay and allowances?
I guess that is the fairness of seniority for you.
You're giving the impression you don't really understand how the system works - There's a massive spread of seniority across the Long Haul fleets.

Pilots due to be down route over the strike days pilots were "instructed" to work normally..that will have included both senior and junior pilots, including no doubt some of the newer very junior DEPs who have recently joined the company and gone straight onto the Long Haul Fleets.

OTOH at base, both yesterday and today, plenty of pilots (including some very very senior) did not report and have been impacted financially.

A BA pilot I know did just that, voted for the strike and then bid to be away over the strikes dates. He has also done the same for the end of this month
As others have said it is difficult to see how that was possible under a single pass bidding system where the bid closure date for September work was prior to the announcement of the strike days. Did your BA pilot tell us how/she did this?

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