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Originally Posted by Marty-Party View Post
Apologies if this has already been posted. Anyone not turning up for their duty today has had their pay deducted for the entire trip (e.g. 5 - 6 day) not just the days of the strike. It has also been deducted at the credited hours for that trip even though the flight has been cancelled. Office workers would be penalised by one day of pay for each day they didn't work. BA pilots have been penalised by the whole cost of the trip at their full rate. Some have calculated that at this rate of deduction, they will have a negative pay check after missing two rostered trips on strike days.

Additionally, all have lost staff travel for 3 years, lost any company wide bonus for this year, lost any pilot only bonus for 2017-19 as negotiated two years ago, no access to overtime rate to pick up trips (this is probably fair enough), plus no chance to bid for a fleet change on long haul - for ever ! This punishment has been in the planning for several weeks as the emails were sent out within hours of a failed report. If anyone thinks this is not a predetermined program by BA to break BALPA and the pilots then they are being na´ve.

So if anyone thinks it will be better to cave in now and accept the consequences, the above shows the aims of BA. Break the pilots and tear up any industrial agreements. I feel sorry for the guys with long careers ahead if this is allowed to happen.
If there ever was a list of reasons not to give in to company demands, this is it!
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