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Originally Posted by Easy Street View Post

Given that it was the night after a public holiday (in England, anyway) and well after the cut-off time for low flying training, you can be assured that it was not a Phenom. Also, Im no multi-engine expert but Id be very surprised indeed if there was any night low flying training carried out except on the front-line types. Equipping the Phenom with a NVG-compatible cockpit would be a ridiculous waste of money...

The combination of slow and jet makes me suspect that your height estimation is awry. Its very hard to judge distance from sound alone, especially if its otherwise quiet and terrain effects are involved (both seem likely in that part of the world).
Thought it was a long shot...

While It's completely possible that the estimation could be wrong, I've got my doubts it's that far off - been eyeballing & lugging mil & civi flights every day for the last 40 plus years in an area with busy commercial air routes up top & an LFA below that sees plenty of GA when it's not operating. 100% a light jet at a relatively low altitude, but don't understand how it could be civi.

Most of the higher hills around hear top out at around 2000ft & it's pretty easy to tell if an aircraft is "in" the Glen or not.
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