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Sorry to rub in the "in the good ole days" but, as a candidate for the College of Air Training in 1965 , it was a three visit procedure. I got a rail warrant (yeah, free return ticket) , met outside Southampton Railway station by a CAT bus and delivered to the College in time for free dins in the Cadets Mess. Got my own room (cadet level) overnight. In the decades long career that followed, I got ALL expenses paid by various companies I toyed with. Best was CX with firm Business Class , return, for me & wifey from LGW to HK. All expenses paid while in HK for two nights & I was even accompanied to an airport bank which paid out standard CX FO hourly allowance rate for three days. Bliss. We have done it to ourselves and when you start paying some outfit to read your CV, it is too late .
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