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At the risk of getting shot down here, tbh guys this thread sounds all a bit precious. I'm the first one to have a go about the decline of our t's and c's over the last 20 years and qualified at the start of the recession. So before anyone has a go, please understand I've not had it easy either.


Ranting about airlines not rolling out the red carpet is just ridiculous. If you want the job then its reasonable to assume that you've done the homework and taken the view that the subsequent hoop jumping effort required to attain said job is a worth while endeavour.

I've never expected a company to pay for my airfares, hotels, meals etc and frankly never would do. If they do, great. But I've never begged for a job. Anything I've applied for has been a significant move in the right direction so if it cost me a tank of fuel and a night in a premier inn to make that step then so be it.

It seems to be normal these days that pilots will line up and beg for a job while paying for the effort. Are we this desperate again?
Are we REALLY this precious? Come on.

(Retreating to a safe distance and donning tin hat)
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