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Originally Posted by sheppey View Post
A major international airline in New Zealand give candidates a simulator check as part of the interview process. Keep in mind the applicant almost certainly has never flown the type of simulator used for the assessment.
There is the usual instrument approach (ILS) as well as intercepting radials inbound and outbound. Steep turns are thrown in for good measure. The check pilot then deliberately needles or tries to distract the candidate during the flight by asking inane questions, including among other things, the endurance based on current fuel state while at the same time the applicant is trying to figure out an entry into the hold prior to the ILS. The theory being he is testing how the applicant copes with stress and distraction despite the fact that the testing officer is not a qualified psychologist. How do you accurately measure stress and distraction? All very subjective nonsense.
Should take a qualified applicant all of about 3 seconds to figure out how to enter a hold.What distraction ???
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