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Originally Posted by OvertHawk View Post
Please don't confuse "never has there been an actual safety issue" with "never has there been an accident".

Landing on the wrong deck is a huge safety issue for a lot of reasons. That it has not yet led to a FOD event, Crane strike, Mid-air or any one of the other possible hazards is nothing more than good fortune.

"there have been loads" - Oh - that's all right then - must be fine if it happens all the time!
But you don’t have any supporting evidence for your scaremongering. Where is the risk analysis? If WDLs were a significant safety issue then oil companies would have taken proactive steps such as installing red and green “traffic lights” on helidecks, making their names easier to read and less cryptic. But they didn’t bother because actually, it isn’t a big deal. Human pilots will always make mistakes given enough exposure. Giving them a hard time and using the taxpayer funded and overstretched resources of the AAIB to pressure them doesn’t help to reduce the probability of a recurrence because no-one does it deliberately. WDL have always happened and will continue to happen so long as all blame and responsibility is dumped on the pilots. Fact of life, get over it.
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