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Originally Posted by HeliComparator View Post
I think it is ridiculous to tie up the AAIB resources on such a trivial thing. Landing somewhere isnít an accident, and only an incident if you are the oil company lobby looking to moan about something. It is a shame the AAIB didnít consider what the actual risk of a WDL was. There have been loads, and never has there been an actual safety issue. So it is all just a bit too hysterical.
Please don't confuse "never has there been an actual safety issue" with "never has there been an accident".

Landing on the wrong deck is a huge safety issue for a lot of reasons. That it has not yet led to a FOD event, Crane strike, Mid-air or any one of the other possible hazards is nothing more than good fortune.

"there have been loads" - Oh - that's all right then - must be fine if it happens all the time!
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