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Originally Posted by [email protected] View Post
Spunk - google the definition of object and it will say it is a thing or person.

The get out here is that they caused no hazard to other persons or property. - Still pretty stupid mind.
Also, this is the FAR the FAA applies to skydiving and parachuting operations, among other things. So semantics aside, that's how the FAA interprets it.

How is this any more or less stupid than skydiving?

Disclaimer: I am also a USPA D license holder, so perhaps my perspectives are a bit skewed (and skydiving in the US is, other than FAR 91.15 and a few FAR odds and ends about equipment and riggers, self-regulating in the same manner as SCUBA diving is in the US, i.e. USPA is the functional equivalent of PADI or NAUI).
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