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How important are training reports?

Iím looking for someone to advise me on my current situation. Some years ago I invested in flight training with a highly coveted flight training organisation. I successfully obtained a CPL and IR. I didnít train for an MCC.

Iíve been away from aviation for some years now and Iím currently working in an IT job with a steady income. My current job pays the bills but it doesnít satisfy me in the way that working as a pilot would. I am yearning to get back into flying and I'm willing to invest in further flight training. The question is: Should I?

Reading over my old flight training reports they appear to portray me as average at best. Given the highly competitive nature of the pilot job market does this mean that Iím better off trying to forget my dreams completely? Are detailed training reports the sort of thing that are analysed or do organisations typically place more emphasis on their own assessments and aptitude tests? I am confident that I have what it takes to perform well in future training but Iím worried that further investment wonít materialise. I do have a first time CPL pass and a first time partial IR pass on record.

Assuming that further investment would be worthwhile, would a meer MCC rating be sufficient or would I need to go further and fund myself for type and/or line training in order to give myself a reasonable chance?

Iím single with no dependencies so Iím willing to work anywhere in the world. I do frequently come across articles that describe how the global aviation industry is set for massive expansion over the next decade but Iím still sceptical as to how this will affect the demand for low hour pilots. Iíve also noticed that carriers abroad tend to prefer citizens of their own nationality and/or speakers of the local language.

Aviators, please offer your candid advice.
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