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This optimiser comes in September, which will give us minimum rest between flights, and max length duty days otherwise also inconsistent work and sleep patterns, from early to late, with time zone changes and also back of the clock. Many patterns will include consecutive back of the clock with day rest only, and often away from home.

If we possibly might change the way we work effective September, this is all due the fatiguing patterns from the optimiser, nothing else.

If I can't sleep well during the day because I am not in my own bed, but at a hotel with noise outside, and if I can't do a back of the clock later that day, this is genuine fatigue. (remember our obligations regarding fitness for duty)

If I have minimum rest between lengthy duties, and choose to rest as long as I can, and come to work and commence my duties exactly at sign on, this is genuine resting as much as I can in the minimum allocated rest period before the next lengthy duty.

If we are feeling fatigued and no longer have the energy and enthusiasm anymore to do such things as come in 30 minutes early or earlier, this is because we are genuinely fatigued due to the optimiser.

Are you afraid of being locked out ?

Let them lock us out and take it to the FWC.

Where does it say anywhere that we must commence duties before sign on ?

There is nothing illegal with commencing work at sign on time. .

Do you think fair work will come back and say that we must commence work well before sign on ? Bring it on

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