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Originally Posted by a_pilot View Post
Are you going to repeat mistakes from the past ?


You don't actually have to wait 18 months or 2 years to file for PIA.

You don't have to wait for a document to be produced or to make a no vote.

You can apply for PIA anytime during negotiations after an expired agreement.

Are you going to allow them to deliberately stall you for another year or 2 ? Do something about it NOW.

Industrial action:

The EBA has expired and Jetstar is not genuinely trying to reach an agreement.

Doesn't this meet the criteria to file for PIA ?

The fact that the Chief Pilot has already stated in writing not to expect more than 3% indicates it will be a strong NO vote. You already know the expected EBA and the result of the vote.

Why wait 2 years for a document which you know will only give you 3% and you also miss out on a payrise in the meantime ?

Why wait 2 years and allow them to use back pay as leverage against you ?

Why wait 2 years for a document that you already know will be unacceptable ?

It is time for action NOW.
You have found the PIA information on the Fair Work web site. Look to the bottom of the page and see where the action can be terminated. You then need to understand may happen if action is terminated (hint - bargaining period of 21 days then a determination by Fair Work). You also need to understand that those criteria to terminate industrial action apply to employer response action. You also need to understand that employer response action is a lockout and does not need to be proportional to the employee claim action. So, you can do something that you think is pretty harmless and the company takes drastic response action that triggers a termination. If you think you will get a good outcome from a determination, you need to think about how the coalition government has been stacking the Fair Work Commission with pro-employer Deputy Presidents and Commissioners. Obviously, that is all worst-case, but you need to understand all of the implications if you are advocating for PIA.
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