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Originally Posted by Kitsune View Post
Be interested for you to supply the exact dates that Hong Kong was ever a ‘democracy’... Hong Kong before 1997 could best be described as a benign dictatorship under the colonial governors, with the Hongs grabbing the Governor’s balls and the Governor grabbing the Hongs in a classic we’re not going to hurt each other are we’ scenario.
All correct. The Brits, and the locals, got lucky. And wealthy. For 150 years or so. However, the fact remains that HK, and indeed the greater Shenzhen Bay Area would still be knee high in buffaloe shit if it wasn’t for a fairly enlightened administration.
I see the demonstrations harping on about democracy; what exactly would the locals do with it if they had it ?
PRC must be bricking it over contagion. That’s the real rub; persuading the billon or more residents not living in a littoral town or an SEZ that they will get the Bentley continental and the two air cons some day is the real trick. Let’s just hope they’re not tempted to come down and sort it out in their usual inimitable fashion. Game over then.
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