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Originally Posted by Asturias56 View Post
It's been that since the mid-80's TBH

Once the Chinese said they wouldn't release the New Territories this has been a one-way journey

I'm surprised they hold off at all - not many countries would in the circumstances
Yes, and won’t it be wonderful when Communist cronyism rules the day and HK becomes like every other mainland city of 10 million people living nuts to butts in uniformity? Gone will be all the different cultures of SE Asia and expat adaptation to the ever-changing business environments. The new norm will be death by rules and Big Brother always watching, freshly armed by their new accomplices, American big tech companies. When the going gets tough, currency manipulation and forced technology transfer will be there to save the day. Whatever it takes to keep the ruling party in power, even tanks rolling across the new bridges to squash any public uprising!!!
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