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The thing is, the UK already had in place an effective police aviation system, albeit in a piecemeal fashion. We all realised that a national setup ought to be able to benefit from economies of scale, using fewer helicopter types which could result in more readily available spare airframes and suitably trained pilots because they would be on the same type rating.

NPAS were tasked with saving public money - most of us welcomed this... IF it were done effectively. They initially declared that they would pull that extra rabbit of an improved service out of the same hat in the process. Unfortunately, only a miracle would have allowed an improved service whilst at the same time slashing and burning assets to the extent that took place. Unsurprisingly the fish and loaves trick failed to work.

Subsequent events have resulted in what can only be described as a huge waste of money and a major reduction in aircraft availability. The trouble is, NPAS has now gone so badly wrong that it is difficult to imagine if and when it will ever truly achieve either of its declared aims - without the smoke and mirrors!
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