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Originally Posted by Albert Hall View Post
Is this where AGS buy it, shut the terminal building and run it as a freight, tech stop and maintenance airport business park for which GLA doesn’t have room? I’d think that is probably one of few answers which gives proper sustainability.
This is the most sensible solution. In such a scenario, AGS would be a willing, committed investor in an alternative re-purposing of the airport, rather than a half-hearted or misguided attempt by another party to compete with GLA. Operating the two airports as part of a west of Scotland 'airport system' (as the Americans do), with strong public-sector support and a vision to develop the non-pax traffic and related MRO, Aerospace, R&D, Training etc would safeguard the existing high-value jobs and replace the lower-value jobs with new higher-value jobs in a more sustainable industry cluster (think Shannon IASC). There could also be ancillary benefits arising from co-operating assets (two runways) in relatively close proximity and with emerging technologies (remote towers etc) there may also be some efficiencies.

A re-positioned airport, with a serious approach to investment in the 'business' element and property asset, has significant value in itself, which would be augmented by a strengthened pax value proposition at GLA (through a reduction in regional runway capacity for pax).

A win - win for AGS and the Scottish economy??
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