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Originally Posted by infrequentflyer789 View Post
Way back in the LionAir threads it was revealed that Max simulator data packs are delivered as binaries with a fixed set of malfunctions, this is another change from NG, and almost certainly is cost-cutting. Result?:

operators no longer have any ability to pick and choose nor introduce malfunctions into their training programs

See post 813 on Lion thread: ...
If you cannot simulate an AOA failing high (and not all AOA failures will trigger MCAS) then you could only trigger MCAS by flying into a part of the envelope where it is designed to activate in which case the result would be that, in terms of stick feel at least, MCAS counters the additional nacelle lift and it flies like an NG would. That isn't really any help...

It may well be that the only way to accurately simulate MCAS is in the engineering sims at Boeing (or arrange a test flight in an actual Max - plenty spare at the moment - and knock a vane off before you go...).
Thank you very much for clarification and the link.
This is indeed another concerning development - and should have been vigorously fought by the Training Device Manufacturers and their customers!

So I would consider this not so much as a cost saving meassure but yet another a**h*** company culture thing trying to gain dominance over TDMs by revoking access to something one considers as Boeings intellecutal property.
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