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Originally Posted by BDAttitude View Post
To me it also sounds like a plan B if the international sister *AAs are not as servile as expected in providing a waiver for the design.

Having read most of the 256 pages - did we have somewhere a comparison of the implementation of MD11s LSAS and MCAS?
IIRC LSAS hat two computers (left and right) selectable by flight crew? Can't remember if each of those two computers had a left and right channel as well.
Is MCAS and LSAS a good comparison, given that the one is active most of the time and the other only in a very specific corner of the envelope? What does that mean in terms of safety requirements?
Just another thing - seems the simulator does not simulate MCAS, another over site to rectify.


Chief Pilot and Vice President of Flight Operations Yohannes HaileMariam is at the helm of our simulated flight. Everything during the re-creation is designed to be as real as possible, including videos of runways and airports around the world that play on the screens, simulating the cockpit's wind screen. Guided by HaileMariam, our simulated flight rises and is airborne for 15 minutes before gliding to a stop.
During our simulated flight, there is no sign of a downward tug on the plane's nose, a concern at the center of investigations into the two crashes. The 737 Max 8's MCAS lowers the plane's nose when a sensor detects that the aircraft is at risk of stalling.
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