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Originally Posted by 737mgm View Post
A legitimate question that I have been asking myself as well. Adding to what other posters have said, you can find answers in the 737 flight crew training manual:

“Memory items for target pitch and thrust must be accomplished as soon as it is suspected that airspeed indications are incorrect. The intent of having memorized pitch and thrust settings is to quickly put the airplane in a safe regime until the Airspeed Unreliable checklist can be referenced. The memorized settings are calculated to work for all model/engine combinations, at all weights and at all altitudes. The flaps extended settings will be sufficient such that the actual airspeed remains above stick shaker and below the flap placard limit. The flaps extended pitch and thrust settings will result in a climb."
Unfortunately, our company manuals don't go into that level of detail. It does have this little gem, though: "If the flight crew is aware of the problem, flight without the benefit of valid airspeed information can be safely conducted and should present little difficulty." Just a walk through the park.

I'm hoping this verbiage gets yanked with the next change.
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