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Originally Posted by meleagertoo View Post

Thus the crew required a step change in their mindset to associate the revised situation with MCAS which ought to have been in the forefront of their mindset , or at least trim problems and then isolate the trim system. Go and re-read that line again! This should all have been complete deja-vue! Inexplicable trim problems four months after the last big accident - how can memories be that short?
Surprise, startle; the original problem understood, now its not ! I don't think they understood much at all I'm afraid.

If a whole bus-load of people in your previously bear-free neighbourhood were eaten by bears a couple of months ago in the scariest event your neighbourhood has ever seen and you were wandering home one night - fat, dumb and happy others might quite reasonably question the appropriateness of your low-key mental state. Is it wise under the circumstances?

Part of the could be restated as :

Suppose you were a tourist in a country where you had a 'technical' fluency in the language but mainly relied on a 'news for tourists' paper and 'safety guidelines for guests' published by the tour operator in your native language,
You had seen an article in the 'news for tourists" about a a bus-load of people perishing due to the rival tour operator's bus driver making a rookies mistake.
Your tour operator did not update his "safety guidelines for guests' as a result of the prior event.

You then unexpectedly meet a bear despite the safety guidelines stating the biggest animal in the region is a raccoon.

The point is that "everyone knew all about Lion Air' is not a proveable true statement and the AV herald statement re lack of knowledge of update trim procedures bt ET pilots strongly suggests that some did not.

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