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L39, no ‘proof’ of low speed awareness, only the reported stick-shake and likely ‘barbers pole’ on the EFIS speed display deduced from the system logic.
The inference from the ‘feel diff pressure’ annunciation was that stick forces would generally increase due to stall warning.
Reference to the FDR, there is an indication of a reduction in pitch after takeoff. There is a significant difference between stall avoidance from an alert of stall warning (stick shake) and the actions required for stall identification, particularly at low altitude immediately after takeoff.

meleagertoo, thank you for a colourful reply.
It is difficult to find any clear point, only cherry picking issues for which none of us have an understanding in relation to what the crew saw or thought.
Generally your approach is that of ‘what was’, opposed to an alternative ‘what could have been’, which could provide the basis of wider understanding and benefit to safety.
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