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Many posters citing weak piloting skills, human error, are biased by hindsight, with further biases of believing that all pilots will think and behave the same way (or as they do - earned dogmatism effect) or as trained. These views also represent ‘fundamental attribution error’ seeking the nearest - in action, or last person in a chain of events - timeline.
In reality many of these issues reflect the same difficulties that the accident crews experienced; how to make sense of the situation, choosing a course of action, and opportunity to act.

Posts suffer similar deficiencies in ‘airmanship’ and ability to ‘fly the aircraft’; unable to understand the current situation, think critically and review what is currently known. This ‘lack of airmanship’ is a weakness in thinking skills or ability to use them wisely; particularly with the wisdom of hindsight. First ‘fly you mind’, then act - only post comments after well considered thought; where thought should is based on skills training and particularly practice of those thinking skills.

Pursuing the ‘blame game’, embedded in ‘responsibility’, might be a self-satisfying generation of individual understanding, but this offers little opportunity to learn due to premature closure, from those who already have the (their) ‘answer’.
Other people in this forum also seek understanding, using a cautious evaluation and review, involving skills of critical thinking, which similarly are core values in airmanship.
If posters are unable to achieve a suitable level of thinking given the enlightenment of hindsight, and the luxury of time and wealth of additional information, then they should heed the possibility that they could take similar deficiencies of thought - airmanship, situation awareness, assessment, and judgement into their flight decks.
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