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737 Driver,
your ‘default training’, choice of action, appears to differ from many pilots.
Consider. Having assessed the situation, choose the action according to that situation; not a rigorous follow SOPs / training without question.

The ‘automaton’ approach - follow SOPs, could favour selection of a procedure before assessment and then making the situation fit that mental model; it stifles wider thoughts and adaptation.
Aircraft are not flown via ‘mantra’, by rote; pilots are well trained, skilful individuals, doing their best in difficult circumstance, why then tell them what to do in ‘every’ situation, where ‘every’ situation is only known to them.

Your pedantic focus on procedure - set power as per standard UAS, could reduced the aircraft’s ability to continue climbing when departing for a hot / high airfield, with potential terrain issues; would this be considered, or just follow SOPs adding risk to an emergency situation.

Lengthy posts #4590, and bolded text does not replace the required, well-considered arguments to support a point of view.
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