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Originally Posted by wonkazoo View Post

Sadly both my dad's copy and the first I stumbled on to twenty years ago are in boxes right now so I have to work off memory. But this line, paraphrased though it is will still resonate: "The default is pilot error, because no investigator is going to admit that the best they could come up with is that God unzipped his fly and urinated on the pillar of science..."

This forum is the place for passion, unlike your office, where (I think we both agree) calm reason must rule the day. Even if, as I argue, both calm and reason might occasionally be lost...

Thank you for that...somehow invoking Ernie Gann makes me feel like we're all somewhat on the same page. Indeed, I plead guilty to being passionate, perhaps overly zealous about airmanship (or perhaps lack of it) but let's all agree that for most of us here it's for the right reasons: lives are on the line. We owe it to them to be over-prepared if we are the ones in charge up front and the last line of defense.

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