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However I am seriously wondering what's going on here and thought it worth pointing out to the population at large.

A tad conspiratorial if you ask me, but that's just one pilot's opinion. I don't think powers that be give much a hoot what the participants on this forum think regarding the design (or mis-design) of aircraft, lack of oversight, greed of corporations or whatnot. I suspect that in their eyes, we're just the rabble.

What is going on is I took an interest in these events since I do happen to operate this aircraft, and I came here among other places looking for information. Feel free to go back and look at my earliest posts. Yes, I like a good debate, but I have also tried to pass along relevant information regarding the 737 systems since there were obviously some non-pilots and non-Boeing folks wandering off into the weeds. Along the way, however, I also noticed a definite trend here of throwing bricks across the fence without much in the way of serious introspection. Let's just say I have a thing about intellectual consistency.

I've made no bones about where I think the problems lie, and I've noticed that no one seems to contradict me when I aim my displeasure at Boeing, or the FAA, or the airlines, or anyone but a fellow pilot. Why is that?

Are pilots that infallible? Do we have no room for improvement? Can we not honestly admit our errors and seek to do better? It's perfectly okay to say Boeing fracked up, but we dare not consider that a fellow aviator did as well? I just don't see the logic in that.

You can't fix a problem until you admit a problem exists. Continuing to pretend that there weren't serious lapses in airmanship, that there is nothing that can be done to prevent such future lapses, will do nothing to save future lives. As I've said many times, we aren't going to fix Boeing's issues, or the FAA's, and probably not the airline's (though we have a wee bit more leverage there). We can make a go at addressing ours. Assuming you think that saving lives is a worthy pursuit, of course.

Your choice.
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