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Thanks, Wonk...... well put views and axioms for the pilots and wannabe pilots here.

I am sure that more than one pilot reading all this crapola would have "survived" the scenarios we are examining. But not all. I will go so far as to assert that the Lion Air preceding flight crew had not a clue about MCAS and "lucked out" after getting tired of screwing with the uncommanded trim. The actual notes we saw in our Lion Air thread ( before 737 joined the forums) even stated, "STS running in reverse". That doesn;t sound like someone who knew about MCAS. Especially since the stick shaker was activated and the pilot prolly associated that with a high AoA - you know, a stall warning.

I also like one contributing pilot here that claimed the best thing to do initially when something weird happens is to wind the clock. I am sure the old farts remember that sucker right in front on the intstrument panel. Pressing the "stopwatch function" was the last thing you did before releasing the brakes, huh?

Oh well, maybe Boeing will eventually decide to correct the plane's basic aero characteristics and not add a kludge on top of another. Too many old wiring diagrams and connections, ya think?. So time to do a clean sheet design for all the electronics and try vortex generators, nacelle slots, or something to keep most of the model's production tooling but correct the aero.

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