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Originally Posted by Smythe View Post
737 driver, looking at the TO greenband, on the 738, (and all other NG that I can remember)it is 1.5 to 6.5, while on the MAX it is 3 to 8...this is a significant difference. Thoughts?
Not sure where you are getting those numbers as they don't match what's in my FCOM. (Actually, no actual numbers are provided, but I can read the pictures ). My thoughts are this: the manufacturer determines what the allowable range is and my job is to stay with that range. That being said, after a certain amount of time with any aircraft, one should have a decent idea of what a "normal" trim setting should be. But once again, I don't know any pilot who flies around and sets the trim by looking at the index. You set it by feel. The index isn't even the most useful visual tool to clue you into a runaway trim. That honor goes to the trim wheel. It takes about 15 rotations to make one degree of movement, and it has a bright white stripe that flashes at you as the wheel is spinning. Hard to miss if you are looking at it.
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