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Originally Posted by MurphyWasRight View Post
Auto pilot was also a 'known' protection against MCAS as mentioned in one of the safety reports a page back or so.
Had the auto pilot stayed engaged another couple of minutes we might not be having this discussion.
Just to clarify something which was discussed previously: Enabling the autopilot would certainly inhibit MCAS. However this is only true if there were no other factors in play. In the accident scenarios the problems cascaded, and AOA disagree triggered unreliable airspeed, which limited the possibility that the autopilot could be used to inhibit MCAS.

Analysing all of this in a short period of time, would have required exceptional knowledge, and in the absence of an AOA value or AOA disagree display, an understanding of the links between the sensors and the flight systems may have been beyond the scope of the crew.
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