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I find the following text very interesting, a safety report written in Nov 18 by a captain who cleary was on his game and wary of a potential MCAS trap:

It was day three of six for me and day three with very good FO (First Officer). Well rested, great rapport and above average Crew coordination. Knew we had a MAX. It was my leg, normal Ops Brief, plus I briefed our concerns with the MAX issues, bulletin, MCAS, stab trim cutout response etc. I mentioned I would engage autopilot sooner than usual (I generally hand fly to at least above 10,000 ft.) to remove the possible MCAS threat.
So, he had the post-Lion Air FCOM and had clearly thought about it. His solution was to minimise exposure to MCAS territory in order to reduce risk. Great airmanship but not exactly the answer to the problem.
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