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Thanks, 737, a great list

I find several things unacceptable about these accidents (your list may be different):

1. It is unacceptable that Boeing designed MCAS in such a way that it produced such a hazardous failure mode.
2. It is unacceptable that the FAA and various certification authorities delegated so much of the oversight.
3. It is unacceptable that the airlines, in conjunction with Boeing and the certificate authorities, were too focused on minimizing the training rather than maximizing the safe introduction of the MAX.
4. It is unacceptable that the flight crews, given everything we know about the malfunction, were ultimately unable to FLY THEIR AIRCRAFT into a stabilized state and land safely.
And then
of these four items, which one does the professional pilot corps have the most power to address?
As Richard Bach posted long ago in "Flying" or maybe the EAA magazine, all crashes are "loss of control".
- pilot/crew is negligent - CFIT, poor pre-flight and elevator locks are not removed, etc
- pilot/crew is completely unprepared for even the smallest problem - incompetent
- pilot/crew performs incorrect procedure for an emergency, e.g.shuts down the wrong engine ( one good thing for we single-seat, single engine types)
- mechanical/computer failures that cannot be overcome by pilot/crew, e.g. Wonk's problem 20 years ago,
- catastrophic failure of major parts of the plane, e.g. TWA800, terrorist bomb, SAM over Crimea

737 is correct: This is the best forum to deal with the rhetorical question - PPRuNe aircrew. And although I am inactive, I had a super career as a "professional pilot" and faced/overcame more than a few hairy episodes. Only came close to the nylon letdown two or three times. I didn't fly passengers or have a crewmember except for VIP joy rides in the family model and a few hundred hours in an interceptor early on.

So imagine, if you will........How many successful resolutions to problems or prevention of same have resulted from a pilot peeking at these forums between flights? Huh?

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